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Community Agreement

Colour Theory Community Agreement: Welcome

This space is for people who identify as 2SLGBTQQIA+ and (not and/or) Black, Indigenous, people of colour.

It was created out of a need for both film and queer spaces in this city that are led by and for BIPOC.

It was also created out of a need to push back against the domination of tokenizing white-led organizations in Toronto’s filmmaking communities and queer communities alike. 

We hope you are also here to celebrate stories told by people across the 2SQTBIPOC spectrum!

Colour Theory Community Agreement: Text


Centering and celebrating 2S, queer, trans, and non-binary Black, Indigenous, people of colour.

Being welcoming of all levels of filmmaking experience.

Having positive experiences making, screening, and talking about filmmaking.

Improving our craft while feeling good about our work, and promoting that others do the same.

Undoing peoples' aversion to filmmaking by dismantling capitalist film culture.

Fostering community by creating connections and having encouraging, cooperative conversations.

Creating a non-exclusionary space where people can respond to conflict and be accountable.

Prioritizing, inviting and making space for 2S, queer, trans, and non-binary Black, Indigenous, people of colour, as many of us have had trouble accessing and feeling safe on film sets, at film festivals, and in other film environments. 

Colour Theory Community Agreement: Text


Be yourself! Everything that makes you uniquely you is welcome and needed here. 

Respect pronoun/no photography tags. Ask people what their pronouns are. Do not assume.

Consider how your words, experiences, perspectives, and actions might affect or harm others. Try and use strategies that reduce harm and encourage healthier relationships.

We will not tolerate any discriminatory language that is racist, classist, transphobic, homophobic, or ableist. 

We will not tolerate any language that tokenizes or belittles the experiences of filmmakers, artists, or attendees.  

Please let any of the Colour Theory team know if you need any support or help with mediation.

This is an evolving Community Agreement! 

Any feedback from 2SQTBIPOC community members is welcome.  

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?
DM @colourtheoryshorts on Instagram or email carolynjoanwu[at]

Colour Theory Community Agreement: Text
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